these were my blue flea market finds from a week ago.  the table cloth is oblong, a medium sized cloth hand-embroidered in shades of blue with yellow centers for the flowers.  it´s lovely and someone spent a lot of time on it.  it reminded me of a story by mary wilkins called the lost ghost, or the gentle ghost, can´t remember now, but in the story, before the ghosty part begins, two women are talking and one of them is crocheting.  she says she is making the afghan for a church sale.  the other woman asks her how much the last donated afghan earned for the church.  she says, slightly disgusted, twenty-five cents.  at the end of the conversation on this subject she says, “You would have thought the Lord was worth more than 25 cents!”

i paid one euro for this table cloth and it came from the tables, where everything is one euro. sometimes i find something spectacular and the seller wants two euro instead of the promised one euro.  i never argue.  only i would like to know the person who made the table cloth.  it´s perfectly white and without stain which is rare.  normally anything hand-embroidered has a rip or stain somewhere.  like life, like my life this morning, ripped and stained it is.  and so i go.  nevertheless, i paid 50 cents for the little teabag holder and love the pattern on it, and am planning to put the lovely table cloth over a radiator this summer when its heat is no longer necessary.  i love thinking about spring, then summer.  but it has been a beautiful winter, very cold, but with many blue sky days which is rare for us.  i feel safe and sound, like a bruised tulip that wants to lay down but finds a nice green leaf to fall into for support.  i´m not sure how people get on without Jesus, i only know i don´t get on without Jesus.  i no longer try to.  leaning on Jesus is my pattern but i can take no credit for it, He is the maker of all things.  especially love.


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