Who crouches
in the shadows
When Hercules
is made a god?

A little girl with
blue beard´s face
Black eyes and big ears
Trembling blue chin
A patchwork dress and hair
So thin she could be bald,
Playing with two ravens.
She almost misses the
But this unholy trinity
Looks up just in time:

Teach us Hercules
To rise out of our
Mortal selves,
Teach us to leave
Behind our
Poisoned coat,
In return we will give you
Two black feathers
And one blue chin.
Sing us a lullaby
But not the one your mother
Sang to you when Jupiter
Wasn’t looking,
With your great strength
Open all the doors
Break out all the windows,
Teach us Hercules
To fight.
Little as we are
We have been like trolls
In and out of caves
Of our own making,
There was no gold,
There was no silver,
We were no jewels
In our mother´s cradle,
We three found
Only each other.
Teach us Hercules
Your transformation.

Little ones, my little ones,
You cannot teach a grace
That´s given,
Did I deserve to become a god?
I would advise you to be true
And look earnestly for

My blue chin will grow whiskers,
cried the little girl;
We´ll keep our feathers,
Said the ravens.


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