You know middle-moon
and joy in June
and all the names
of all the songs you have;

day or night you find
what you need
by closing your eyes;

your true family
is there in the dark;

Saturn in uniform
his green flight fatigues
with chewing gum for you
hidden in his pockets;
an angry father
angry no more
but still dangerous behind
all those zippers;

the little ear cupped close
by God´s own hand
near the short blond shore of the lake
waiting, her ponytail
gnawed off for convenience,
tenderly tenderly
while Jesus was calling;

the adolescent girl counting
the moments of her life
seeking wisdom
through the slow motion entry
of glass shards into her bare foot;

then the girl whose honey kisses
were held for ransom
by a boy named Steve
twenty years, the price never named
but paid and paid and paid;
she almost drowned in the ocean
but thought better of it
and remembered to go limp
in the monster wave;

yes and behind it all
the mother who didn´t care
to whom you have now
taught compassion,
a host of brothers and sisters
who think
you are alright
and not stupid at all;

the tiger who leads you
to the old woman,
the girl on the altar,
owls and spiders,
and rocking chairs,
stalactites and minerals,
crimson and gold,
crucifix  –
the Resurrection;

and the little black girls
who run at dawn
with you on the beach
clap their hands and sing
another day.


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